A Checklist of Things To Do in Canada

Whether you’re on your second visit or on your first tour in this magnificent country, I’m sure there are things to do in canada that you are not familiar with. Because of the vastness of nature and metropolis this country has to offer, there are kept secrets that can only be discovered when one finds time to research and live like a local.

Here is a list of activities and places you definitely need to see and do even once when you’re in Canada:

  1. Experience Northern Lights in Yellowknife

You do not have to go to farther places if you want to see the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. This majestic natural phenomenon is constantly drawing in tourists from all over the world; it is like watching dancing colorful lights in the night time sky.

  1. Climb a mountain in the Rockies

There are so many trails to choose from when exploring the rockies, ranging from easy ones to extreme and challenging hikes. Try camping and being lost in the wilderness to experience authentic nature living.

  1. Dog sled across the Canadian North

The northern territories is covered with snow, making it conducive for dogs to run and pull your sled. All you have to do is balance yourself and enjoy the scenery of the snow-covered north of Canada.

  1. Skate down the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

This canal turns into a skating rink attraction during the winter making it the perfect time to explore and glide past thru the parliament buildings of Ottawa.

  1. Walk through the Capilano Suspension bridge

230 feet above the Capilano River in BC hangs a suspension bridge that is 460 feet long. Tourists flock all year round to cross this bridge because it is located in a private nature reserve of rainforest.

  1. Snorkel in Tobermory Bay, Ontario

Right where Lake Huron and Georgian Bay is where divers usually go to see shipwrecks and magnificent seafloor displays. If you’re a beginner in snorkeling, it will still be a great place to visit because of its crystal clear waters.

  1. Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland and Labrador

Take a boat ride through Iceberg Alley and see the wonderful ice formations of nature. Nothing can beat looking at these from up close.

  1. Canoeing in Northwest territories

Endless mountains topped with snow and warm forests is a view that will welcome you while canoeing through northern Canada. The view will be more than enough to pay for your effort of canoeing.

  1. Hot springs of Canadian Rockies

In the heart of the rockies are mineral hot springs you can bathe in. As surprising as it may sound, these springs are within snowy territories and provide great refuge after a long nature walk.

  1. Indulge on food in Montreal

One thing that seals the deal for a great trip is the presence of good food. Montreal offers a wide range of exquisite cuisine, ranging from bagels to fancy dishes. It is a French inspired town that will surely be worth the visit.

Make it a point to experience what the local community offers whenever you travel. If you are a local of the above mentioned places, don’t be a foreigner to your own land and experience it firsthand.