Welcome to Third Choice

Do you think it’s wrong to say Canadians must choose between a strong economy and strong public services? We do.

We say Canadians need a third choice — one that protects our economy AND the services we rely on. But our government is about to do some serious damage to both.

They say they’re going to cut spending by $8 to $10 billion. That’s going to devastate the services Canadians rely on and cost tens of thousands of public and private sector jobs. It’s people like you, not just the economists, who think the Conservative austerity agenda is going to hurt, not help, our economy. That’s why we set up this community — to get this conversation out into the open where it should be happening.

We want to give people like you a place to say no to austerity and show your support for a third choice — for a better way forward.

Of course we have our own ideas on that way forward. But yours might be different. We’d love for you to share them here.